Hardly a few people know about the origin of bracelets. But all love to wear a beautiful San Marco bracelet gold. They have not started wearing it recently; instead, people have worn bangles and bracelets for centuries. People of the modern-day world still use some best designs that were once worn in ancient times. Although time has changed multiple things, people’s choice is still the same when it comes to bracelets.

Bracelet is an English term derived from the Latin term “Brachium,” used to convey the meaning of arm. To determine the history of bracelets, we need to go back to ancient times.

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Early Bracelets

Unlike the modern. bracelets in early times were slightly different in shape and structure. The concept of jewelry wearing emerged around 7000 years ago. Several archeologists have stated that people used to wear bracelets even in ancient times. Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia were the first-ever regions from where this trend began. Early bracelets were comprised of grasses, tree limbs, and shells. After this, bronze and copper were used to form bracelets. With the end of the bronze age, artisans started creating bracelets with gold and silver metals. Shells and stones were considered the decorative elements, and jewelry gained recognition to showcase status and power.

Ancient Egypt

Over time, people living in Egypt started wearing gold and silver bracelets decorated with stones or shells. Some of the skilled goldsmiths of the United Kingdom utilized the African gemstones to make a bracelet. In a few regions, bracelets were also considered special to bury in tombs along with the deceased person’s possession. Such rituals were used to portray that the deceased person belonged to a high status and preferred to wear classy bracelets rather than ordinary jewelry.

Mediterranean Region

It was a ritual in ancient Greeks to wear cuffs on the lower and upper arm as a part of the decoration. Greek soldiers relied on metal and wide leather cuffs to represent their dresses or uniforms. Later, Roman soldiers initiated a practice of wearing gold bangles resembling snakes. With the popularity of the Mediterranean jewelry styles across Europe, bracelets also gained recognition. However, they were considered as something that was meant for women only.

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After the Mediterranean times, people living in China also showed greater affection towards the San Marco bracelet gold. Artisans began to represent the effects of natural beauty, animals, and mythical creatures in their jewelry. In India, pure gold bangles were quite popular, along with the modern-style colorful glass and metal beads strands.


At the beginning of the 17th century, European women revived the popular style of San Marco bracelet gold. They also introduced the fashion of thin bangles and ribbons. During the 19th century, chain bracelets came into existence, and designs of cameos and medallions with coral and ivory decorations became common.

Summing Up

Several innovations were introduced in a bracelet design. Silver and gold have become the most commonly used metals in bangles, bracelets, and cuffs. As the demands of people are continuously changing, artisans are also shifting towards the modern versions of a San Marco bracelet gold.

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