Raspberry Pi 5 – What Can Tech-Enthusiasts Expect From the Next-Gen Single-Board PC?

Raspberry Pi 5 – All You Need to Know

Raspberry Pi will be a must-have tool for engineers due to its massive array of applications in the near future. From robotics to IoT-based features, this tiny onboard computer will be compatible with different types of devices and machines. Right now, we have the Raspberry Pi 4 B as the latest and most powerful one-board PC. However, engineers are waiting for the release of the Raspberry Pi 5. It will be a massive upgrade over the current generation, bringing many new features, updates, and improvements. As Raspberry Pi 5 hasn’t been announced yet, let’s discuss the different features it might have and how it can be a significant upgrade over the current generation.


Raspberry Pi 4 and its other variants offer amazing performance. Thanks to its efficient functionality, we have used this tiny computer to create futuristic devices, machines, and robots. Since it was released in 2012, Raspberry Pi devices have used CPUs from Broadcom. Therefore, we can expect a more advanced chip from Broadcom in the next generation. It’ll most probably be a quad-core CPU, running at a clock frequency of over 2GHz. The current Pi uses the BCM2711 chip from Broadcom with 4 ARM A72 cores. You can get better clock speeds if you know how to overclock this device. ARM has been very active in the PC world, especially since Apple started using its SOCs in Macs and iPads. RAM options are rumored to start from 4 GB, like in Raspberry Pi 4, and can go up to 16GB LPDDR5. Unfortunately, there are not many new RAM options for the upcoming generation. However, we can expect it to be faster and more power-efficient. The next generation is also rumored to have built-in IoT and AI capabilities, as these technologies are extremely crucial for future and present devices.


Ports are probably the most important part of a Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi 4 has many port and connectivity issues, which is why the company started rolling out its variants. Even though there are many connectivity options in the current generation, some ports are not easily usable due to design failure. For example, while the Raspberry Pi 4 offers dual-screen support, it has a mini-HDMI port. The cable for such ports is hard to find in the market, and many people had no option but to use an HDMI-to-Mini-HDMI converter. However, it has USB-C, and the data transfer speeds were quite fast. We expect data transfer speeds to improve in the next generation. We hope there will also be full-sized USB 3.0 ports in the device.


As we mentioned previously, we don’t expect significant changes in the RAM options in the upcoming version. The base variant will probably have 4GB RAM, which goes up to 16GB for the high spec version. However, we are anticipating a major ROM upgrade over the current generation.

Since 2012, Raspberry Pi devices used to rely on microSD card storage. Therefore, it would be safe to expect faster storage options like eMMC memory and better read and write speeds than SD cards. Moreover, it’s more durable and long-lasting, which is why you won’t have to worry about losing data.

Cooling and Airflow

The performance of the Raspberry Pi 5 is going to be significantly better than the current generation. However, as the device will be more powerful, it will probably generate more heat. In such a small device, heat issues have to be dealt with effectively, or else the components will get damaged quickly.

Therefore, we expect a built-in cooling system in the upcoming Raspberry Pi 5. However, we’ll have to see what kind of cooling mechanism they’ll use to keep this high-performance device cool.


When the first Raspberry Pi PC was released, it used to run the Raspbian OS. However, this Debian-based operating system was soon removed from future generations.

Now, Raspberry Pi OS is the official and default operating system in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Raspberry Pi. We can expect the same OS for the next generation, as there is no news about a possible different operating system.

However, there’s a high chance Raspberry Pi 5 won’t have a 32-bit version, as it’ll aim to run 64-bit applications as a normal PC does.



While it is not as powerful as a gaming PC, the next Raspberry Pi will be strong enough to run various utility applications smoothly.

Moreover, you can easily browse the web on it. Finally, it might even have enough graphical capabilities to run low-spec games.


You can make a basic server to be used for multiple collaborative purposes. For example, with MySQL, PHP, and Apache, along with the LAMP stack, you can create a gaming server as well.


Raspberry Pi is being used in robots and their controlling devices. The current generation allows developers to program a robot and develop impressive functionalities. With a much more powerful processor, data processing can improve dramatically.

It means robots can respond faster and more accurately. Also, we can add more functionalities and AI features.

Brain Computing

Scientists are conducting a lot of research and development in this field. There are also modules to operate certain devices through neural impulses. By pairing a Raspberry Pi with such a module, we can analyze the impulses and use the data for accurate responses.

Car Infotainment Display

We can use Raspberry Pi to create a car infotainment system that would be far more functional than the ones we have currently.


Internet of Things (IoT) is a system through which different appliances can be controlled with the help of sensors. Moreover, it allows multiple devices to exchange data and work collaboratively. Raspberry Pi is using many times in such projects, and with future generations, the usability will only improve.


If you are an engineering or a computer science student, you should have a Raspberry Pi. It’s a computer in your pocket which is extremely powerful and feature-packed. It can also be used for research purposes. For example, you can extract findings and use them to support your research question in your dissertation.

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