Providing a Breakdown of the AWS certification Preparation Guide

The importance of becoming a certified expert in cloud computing and cloud security platforms has increased significantly in today’s IT landscape of development and engineering. It can be advantageous for companies to have in-house Cloud Certified Engineers or Developers. It includes the ability to host applications securely and quickly, enhanced agility to build new solutions, the ability to scale as needed, as well as access to vast telecommunications networks.

AWS offers a variety of certifications in connection with the AWS cloud services. In addition, some training materials have been designed to help candidates achieve these certifications. AWS’ Training and Certification platform offers a variety of educational materials.

On the other hand, there are a variety of third-party informational resources that can be obtained specifically for each of the AWS certification exams. The purpose of this article is to contrast and compare the various training materials that said individuals used to prepare for their AWS certification examinations.

Considerations for training resources

  • AWS Certification Training from Koenig Solutions
  • AWS Training and Certification
  • Udemy Courses: AWS Certified by Stephane Maarek
  • Udemy: Practice Exams by Stephane Maarek

AWS Certification Training from Koenig Solutions

Koenig Solutions offers a wide range of AWS courses covering Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Specialty-Level certifications. Starting your AWS Certification journey could not be easier with AWS Cloud and its associated technologies. There are expert instructors and hands-on labs to facilitate your successful completion of the AWS exam. You will receive the AWS Certification course materials prepared by SMEs that will be updated on an ongoing basis. Workshop dates can be scheduled to meet the schedule of the attendees. You can also participate in industry-leading training programs with 4 hours of class time, both on weekends and on weekdays.

Koenig’s AWS certification training courses assist you in staying up-to-date by up-skilling you with widely acknowledged course content.

AWS Certification training offered by Koenig Solutions offers many advantages for candidates. By earning AWS certifications across several technologies, you can demonstrate commitment to your profession. As a result, you will earn higher salaries across several industries. If you keep up with the migration of business processes to the cloud and other hybrid environments, you will be prepared for the future.

AWS certification training enables you to sharpen your competitive edge. AWS certification training offers new opportunities for enhancing your professional career. Learn how to earn your AWS Certification badges through comprehensive support materials. These resources include guides, white papers, reference materials, documentation, and instructor-led courses.

Creating events, meetups, and other professional gatherings is a great way to build a strong professional network with other AWS-certified professionals. AWS Certified Professionals who possess a comprehensive understanding of AWS technologies will be able to land more projects.

Koenig Solutions offers AWS certification courses to companies that wish to become members of the renowned AWS Partner Network (APN). The company also provides access to AWS Subject Matter Expert programs for individuals. It further helps them to become familiar with the AWS features and services.

AWS Training and Certification

Most AWS certifications provide training materials to prepare candidates for the examination that corresponds to each one. Video lectures, reading materials, presentations, etc., are used for their AWS certification training. Since the AWS ecosystem is perpetually evolving, it is regularly updated to incorporate the latest cloud services.

There are fifteen different language versions available for the AWS certification course, and it appears to be somewhat comprehensive concerning the exam. To explain some of the more difficult aspects of Amazon’s ever-expanding cloud services, the company utilizes creative and easily understood analogies as well as animations to help explain the process. Moreover, it is useful in providing a deeper appreciation of a service on a deeper level, even to those with limited technical knowledge.

The training provided by Amazon was deemed sufficient in most respects. In addition, hands-on activities could help one understand the information presented.

Stephane Maarek’s AWS Certified

Stephane Maarek is a consulting expert, AWS cloud developer, and instructor whose educational materials can be found on various sites, including Udemy, YouTube, Medium, etc. There are approximately 40 courses that he offers on Udemy, covering various AWS certification exams. Most of the courses can be acquired through promotional sales for a price of $12-15 per course. They will contain approximately 10 to 15 hours of recorded lectures, quizzes on modules, and practical exercises.

Amazon’s most current information is kept in all of his courses. For each course, Udemy displays a prominent date indicating when the listing was updated. Stephane’s online courses are generally offered only in English, but Udemy automatically creates subtitles in some languages.

Production quality is generally not on par with that of Amazon videos. However, the quality of the course is not so poor as to be a disconcerting factor or to lessen the value of the course. Furthermore, the majority of discussions about AWS services and features are more detailed and comprehensive than the relevant AWS DevOps cloud certification lecture video. It is largely enjoyable to experience Stephane’s interactive activities throughout each module. When it comes to setting up a particular service, there is nothing better than diving right in and following each step.

Moreover, each preparation course includes a practice exam and in-depth video lectures and quizzes on individual modules. The practice test appears to represent the AWS certification exam anecdotally reasonably. Following the practice test, you will be evaluated on your performance. You can see from the review which questions you responded accurately, and Stephane explains why your responses were appropriate or not concerning the given question.

Stephane Maarek’s Practice Exams | AWS Certified

Stephanie also provides listings containing five timed practice tests available for purchase via Udemy. It is possible to purchase the exams for approximately the same amount as the course mentioned previously. The official Amazon certification exams are very similar to the tests included in the video lectures.

You can also find practice questions on Amazon. Although some are provided for free, there are also instances when they must be purchased. Udemy reviews are an essential feature of the alternative courses available. Other instructors offer similar materials, such as Stephane. Upon completing the five individual practice assessments, a section of the review follows. Detailed descriptions are given for each question and answer option.


Consider your preferred learning style and the training methods you excel at the most, which will enable you to retain information the best before choosing any of the paid options. You may be able to obtain the more basic certifications offered by Amazon if you are capable of taking notes while watching short videos and doing some light reading.

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who prefers to go step-by-step and requires some hands-on interaction, you might be better served by Koenig Solutions rather than the previous suggestion.

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