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How to Make a DIY upholstery cleaning Melbourne

Simple Steps to Make a DIY upholstery cleaning Melbourne

Is your upholstery stained? If you wonder how to clean the item, upholstery cleaning Melbourne this post will answer all your queries. Chances are you have not cleaned the item for more than a year. That means upholstery received heavy usage, an additional onslaught of pet dander, sweat, dirt and drink spills. There are many ways of cleaning the items. However, if you want a DIY solution, it is probably the best post on the internet.

Hiring an upholstery cleaning Melbourne service provider can do the cleaning perfectly, but DIY is economical to prepare at home. In this post, we are going to cover everything you need to know about DIY upholstery cleaning solutions.

Let’s get started.

Four Globally Popular Care Tags   

Before you start cleaning, it is important to understand how you clean the items. Wrong implementations would lead to discolouration and permanent damage to the upholstery. Most of the upholsteries come with a care tag that specifies which cleaning methods are safe for use on a particular item. All the service providers follow the directions. Four globally popular codes are W, S, WS, X.

Here is in detail:

W: Fabric with Water 

This type of item should be cleaned with water-based cleaners, but you should not use a washing machine for it because it may oversaturate the fabrics.

S: Fabric with a Solvent 

This item can be cleaned with water-free cleaning solvent. It means you have to implement a dry cleaning solution. However, many solvents in the market create fumes that should be handled cautiously.

WS: Water and Solvent 

You can use both water-based and solvent-based cleaners. However, you cannot use steam cleaning or hot water extraction methods on the item. Please make sure you do not oversaturate the fabrics with water or solvent. This type of upholstery is popular in the market due to the variety of options available for cleaning.

X: No Wet Cleaners 

It means no wet cleaners are safe for these items, but you can use regular vacuuming or dry cleaning methods. Please do not use any water-based or solvent-based cleaners; it may permanently damage the fabrics.

Prepare the Surface for Cleaning 

Whether you are applying DIY solutions or professional cleaning, preparing the surface should be the first step. This step is nothing but the removal of loose dirt. A powerful shop vac is the best option for this task. It comes with high suction power, which is suitable for household use. You can attach a hose to reach under the cushions, back and arms.

Pre-Test DIY Cleaner 

Pre-test any DIY cleaner to avoid unwanted damage. This step is to ensure the cleaner is effective on the fabrics. The underside of a cushion is the best area to apply it. Check the effectiveness; if satisfied, apply it to the whole area.

DIY Water-based Upholstery Cleaner 

This DIY solution is suitable for cleaning code W and WS. It contains natural cleansing agents which are effective against stains and bad odour.

Things You Need 

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Detergent (2 tablespoons)
  • White vinegar (2 tablespoons)
  • Water (2 tablespoons)
  • Bowl

Directions of Use 

Please start vacuuming before implementing the process. You should guard other items you do not want to clean.

Step 1 

Please mix vinegar, detergent and water in a bowl. If you want to apply it a few times later, store this solution in container glass.

Step 2 

Wet the microfiber cloth with the solvent and rub the fabrics. Please be careful about oversaturation because it could result in mould growth. For tougher areas, you can use a brush to rub the cleaner on the stained spots.

Step 3 

Now use a dry cloth to soak some of the cleaners from the fabrics and let it dry for an hour. You can use a fan or blower to accelerate the process. After drying, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

DIY Solvent-based upholstery cleaning Melbourne

It is suitable for S and WS cleaning codes. The main ingredient of this cleaner is Isopropyl Alcohol, which is also used as nail polish and paint remover. It is highly effective against tough stains.

Things You Need 

  • Spray bottle
  • Brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Regular cleaner
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (2 cups)
  • Clean Water

Directions of Use upholstery cleaning Melbourne

Proper ventilation is essential for this method. Please open all the doors and windows and turn on fans to minimise inhalation of fumes from the alcohol. Besides that, test cleaning is required before final use.

Step 1 

Please mix a cleaner with the alcohol and pour it into a spray bottle for ease of use. Please label the bottle safely for further use.

Step 2 

Spray the compound in the area and let it dry for five minutes. Alcohol will break down the dirt and germs.

Step 3 

Use a brush to rub on the spot in a circular motion. Wash the contaminants off from the brush with clean water. After that, soak excessive liquid from the spot with a dry microfiber cloth.

Step 4

Now let the spot air-dry for half an hour and then vacuum the fabrics for the desired outcome.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, please call a couch cleaning Melbourne expert for an inspection. They assess the condition and provide the best solution.

DIY vs Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Melbourne 

DIY cleaning is the cheapest solution because you do not need costly equipment and much expertise. You only need white vinegar, alcohol solution and clean water. It is true that DIY would not provide better cleaning than professional services.

As a professional service provider, we use industrial equipment certified chemicals to get rid of stains, bad odours, dirt and germs. We also recommend you hire an expert for an inspection after DIY cleaning. Sometimes it seems clean, but the foam of the upholstery may be oversaturated with water which leads to gradual damage.

If you want to hire professional services, then we are ready to help you with our couch cleaning Melbourne services. We are open 24/7; if you need urgent cleaning or want to know more about our services, then please book an appointment now.



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