Helena Modjeska

Helena Modrzejewska was a Polish entertainer who worked in Shakespearean and lamentable jobs. She was fruitful first on the Polish stage. After emigrating to the United States (and regardless of her unfortunate order of English), she additionally prevailed in front of an audience in America and London. She is viewed as the best entertainer throughout the entire existence of theater in Poland.


Rumors from far and wide suggest that she was a little girl of the blue-blood Prince Władysław Sanguszko. Born on 12 October 1840 in Kraków as Jadwiga Benda, she was subsequently purified through water Helena Modrzejewska Open after her guardian’s surname.Modjeska’s parentage is hazy. Her mom was Józefa (Misel) Benda, the widow of a prosperous Kraków trader, Szymon Benda.In her personal history, Modjeska guaranteed that her dad was a performer named Michael Open.

The Benda family utilized a music instructor named Michal Opid, who later remained as Helena’s guardian, but Opid didn’t father Józefa Benda’s two most youthful kids. There is proof to recommend that Helena and her more seasoned sibling Adolf were the consequences of an undertaking among Józefa and Prince waldyson hieronim sanguszko, a well-off and compelling Polish aristocrat Helena likewise had a more youthful sister, Josephine, and a few stepbrothers from Józefa’s most memorable marriage. 

Likewise disregarded in Modjeska’s collection of memoirs were the insights about her most memorable marriage, to her previous watchman, Gustave Sinnmayer (Polish: Gustaw Zimajer). Gustave was an entertainer and the overseer of an inferior common theater group. The date of Modjeska’s union with Gustave is dubious. She found numerous years after the fact that they had not been legitimately hitched because. He was as yet hitched to his most memorable spouse when they married Together the couple had two kids, a child Rudolf (later)renamed ralph Modjeska, and a little girl Marylka, who kicked the bucket in early stages

Early life

Gustaw Zimajer utilized the stage name “Gustaw Modrzejewski. It was the female type of this name that Modjeska embraced. When she made her stage debut in 1861 as Helena Modrzejewska. Afterward, while acting abroad, she improved on her name to “Modjeska”, which was simpler for English-talking crowds to articulate

Modrzejewska Adam kazanowski in The Court of Prince Władysław, 1867
In her initial Polish acting vocation, Modrzejewska played at Bochnia, Nowy Sącz, Przemyśl, Rzeszów and Brzeżany. In 1862 she showed up for the first timein Lwow. Playing in her most memorable Romantic dramatization, as “Skierka” injuliusz is balladyna. From 1863 she showed up at stanislawow and Czerniowce in plays by Słowacki.

In 1865 Zimajer attempted to get an agreement with Vienthe nese. theaters, however. The arrangement failed miserably because of her unfortunate information on the German language. Later that year Helena Modrzejewska left Zimajer, taking their child Rudolf, and getting back to Kraków. When there she acknowledged a four-year dramatic commitment. In 1868 she started appearing in warsaw; during her eight years there, she solidified her status as a venue star.

One occurrence delineates the limitations of nineteenth-century Polish society. At one of Modrzejewska’s Warsaw exhibitions, seventeen optional school students gave her a bundle of roses attached with a strip losing money and-white Polish public tones. They were removed from their school and restricted from admission to some other school. One of the students, Ignacy Neufeld, in this way shot himself; Modrzejewska went to his memorial service.

Helena Modrzejewska wedded Chłapowski

On September 12, 1868, Modjeska wedded a Polish aristocrat, Karol Bożenta Chłapowski. Most popular in America as “Count Bozena,” he did not account. His family had a place with the untitled landed gentry. The unified states embraced the stage name “Count Bozenta” as a ploy to acquire exposure. “Bozena” was simpler for an English-talking crowd to articulate than “Chłapowski

At the hour of their marriage, Chłapowski was utilized as the proofreader of a liberal patriot paper, Kraj (The Country), which was claimed by Adam sapiens. and Mr. Sammelson Modjeska composed that their home “turned into the focal point of the creative and scholarly world [of Kraków].” Poets, writers, lawmakers, craftsmen, authors, and different entertainers regularly visited Modjeska’s salon. American Profession Modjeska, c. 1879

Helena Modrzejewska. Portraitby tadeusz ajdukiewicz, 1880.

On 20 August 1877 Modjeska appeared at the California San Francisco in an English form by Earnest lagouve.Adrienne lecturer. She was seen by dramatic specialist harry g Sargent. who marked her for a visit on the east coast where she made her New York debut. She then, at that point, burned through three years abroad (1879-82), primarily in London, endeavoring to work on her English, before getting back to the stage in America.

In 1880, she visited the reptile peninsula in Cornwall and on hearing that the ward church of ruan minor was needing an organ. She teamed up with J Forbes Robertson to put on a performance Romeo and Juliet was performed on a brief stage in the vicarage garden and watched by numerous neighborhood individuals. An occupant of Penzance. and a prospective individual from parliament for the ST lives consistently Charles Campbell ross, filled the role of minister Laurance.

Despite her pronunciation and defective order of English, she made extraordinary progress During her vocation. She played nine Shakespearean champions, Marguerite Gautier in Camille, and schillarmaria stuartIn 1883. The year she got American citizenship, she Henrik A dolls house in Louisville, Kentucky. The main Ibsen play organized in the United States. During the 1880s and 1890s, she had standing as the main female mediator of Shakespeare on the American stage.

In 1893 Modjeska was welcome to address a ladies’ gathering at the Chicago University fair and depicted. The circumstance of Polish ladies in the Russian and Prussian-controlled pieces of dismantled Poland. This prompted a racist restriction on her going into the Russian region Helena Modrzejewska child, Rudolf Helena Modrzejewska, was a structural specialist who acquired distinction as an originator of scaffolds.

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