Hair Tips for Maintaining Long, Healthy, European Hair

Hair care is something that we don’t think about until it becomes a problem. For most of us in the west, long hair has been associated with femininity and beauty. Many women want to grow their hair out or keep it long but are faced with the problem of damage and breakage. If you have European hair, you’re probably familiar with some of these issues. This article will discuss how to take care of your hair so that you can maintain your long locks for years to come!

1. European Hair Is Long and Fragile.

European hair is generally considered to be longer, finer and more fragile than the hair of other ethnicities. This makes it more vulnerable to heat damage and breakage and makes it necessary to treat it gently. Your hair can get “rough” if it’s not nourished or otherwise cared for. Structurist describes hair as the body’s equivalent to thick leather wear. It needs a lot of care and upkeep to look and feel its best. That includes styling.
Haircare requires special tools, so you will need to invest in one of these. The specific tool you use will depend on some common ethnicities, but there are a couple of rules for choosing one:
The specific tool is highly personal. I own one of the expensive ones, Wahl. While it does a better job than other options (even expensive choices like Curl It), I think a quality flat brush is a better investment.
While the above appliances and tools are designed to deal with dry hair, curling is especially beneficial to long hair. It slows the frizzing and damages the hair which protects against developing cracks and breaks. The process of bringing the hair into a ponytail or bun usually leads to damage and breakage anyway.
Bringing moisture back into your hair will help it stay put better and stop hair from frizzing. Curl It and similar products work by trapping the moisture under the hair, thus preventing the curl from forming in the first place.
Olive oil works by trapping the natural oils in your hair, preventing them from separating and adding lather to your face.

2. European Hair Is Often Damaged by Heat From Styling Tools or Excessive Brushing.

Heat is a major cause of hair damage. European Hair is prone to breakage because of the lack of moisture in the hair. If you use heat on your hair, use a heat protecting spray and brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb.
As the moisture in the 5-6% of the hair group that survives heat exposure remains in the hair, it can cause damage to the skin, eschants (the connective tissues that tie hair to the skin) and even cause brown spot spots on the face. Furthermore, heat causes hair to become dry, which is what we’re trying to avoid if we want to preserve the moisture in the hair.
The quickest and best way to prevent hair damage is to cut your hair short whenever possible. This makes perfect sense from a mathematical/biological perspective, as well as from a personal one. It takes less time and less stress to trim or shorten your hair.
When we first start keeping our hair short, it becomes easier. Below is a graphic you can use on your fridge, bathroom mirror and bedroom walls when you start to grow out of your long locks. We will discuss the “vertical strands” later in this article.
Another great way to minimize your damage is to not rinse or use a conditioner for a few days following hot weather. Effectively, you’re helping to endorse a healthy natural state of your hair.

3. Properly Moisturised Hair Is Less Prone to Breakage and Split Ends, Which Also Grows Faster.

One of the best ways to take care of your hair is to keep it moisturized. Hair that’s properly moisturized is less likely to break and split, and it will also grow faster. Dry hair can also be more prone to tangling, which can make it harder to brush. Because of these reasons, proper care of your hair is important. Since long hair tends to have more hair growth, it needs more care than short hair.
The first step to keeping long hair moisturized is to use an oil-based product with a good amount of medicated whitening agents. Santol Concentrate with Vitamin E has been shown to reduce the rate of dead skin cells over time and the texture of the hair.
This will cause the long hair to look looser and rounder. The same goes for Osmosis Long-Term Conditioner. It is a product that was created specifically for long hair, as it repairs and protects the hair. Apply a small amount each day, or jar it and use it in the shower and out as directed.
You can also use conditioners with beta hydroxy butyrate or salicylic acid, which have been shown to work with long hair. These products are designed to thicken and waterproof your hair, so believe it or not, they work with long hair! This same type of product can also be used to wash it. Try incorporating the oily conditioner into your showering routine, and you’ll see even better results.
Some people also claim it’s important to moisturize their scalps by making a mixture of olive oil and warm water. 

4. There Are Many Health Benefits to Having Blonde Hair Like Uv Protection, Reduced Risk of Heart Disease and More!

Blonde hair is associated with many health benefits. For example, having blonde hair can protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and reduce your risk of heart disease. One study even found that women with blonde hair are perceived to be more attractive and healthy than women with other hair colours.
As you can imagine, growing your hair in a few places is going to have some benefits. Eighty per cent of hair lost during the first growing years is lost permanently. Fortunately, if you manage to keep that hair there, you’re likely to grow it back like magic after your time is up.
It’s pretty common for healthy women to lose their hair at some point in their lives, but normal healthy women tend to have less hair than unhealthy women (hence the “healthier”). Try to find pieces that are for your head and never for your body. Keep the top, the bottom, the fringe, and the side parts out.
If you have some extra curls on your head, keep them on. If you have under-shaped-but-cool-wool-around-the-neck hair, keep it in. You can add ends (if you leave it out, you’re asking for a perm!) but do not take the sides and curl them up because they are likely to break!

5. Choosing the Right Shampoo Can Make a Big Difference in the Health of Your Hair!

It’s important to make sure your hair is clean and free of dirt, sweat, and styling products, but when you go to the store to buy shampoo, there are so many options that it can be difficult to know what to buy. Here are some questions that you should ask when you’re at the grocery store to find which shampoo will best benefit your hair.
If there’s a type of shampoo you don’t like, look for an alternative that doesn’t leave your hair feeling clingy or shiny or leave it feeling heavy and greasy. Your hair can’t get too dry, but it should feel soft and manageable European Hair,
You can also choose from some other types of shampoos if your hair feels particularly challenging.Brands that specialize in straightening and conditioning curly hair include Cetaphil, Everyday Pix, Arthur Acres, Babylab, and Olay.Moisturising treatments are also available for your hair, and many are designed to remove buildup, manage dandruff, and prevent breakage and in another article, what is the best natural moisturizer for hair?
Many companies now include a natural gluten-free in their formulations so that those with Celiac disease aren’t put off by the ingredient list.Good moisturiser, which is free of parabens or fragrances, should leave your hair feeling soft and manageable but not overly greasy.
Oils are great for any part of your body and are perfect to use on your hair as well as any other part of your body that needs extra oil. When selecting an oil, you should also make sure that the oil is free of fragrance.
Natural oils are often chosen for this reason, however, some use industrial flrones or synthetic vegetable oils, and this can result in a significant build-up. Choose an oil that guarantees fast results or does not contain any harsh fragrances. Try Argan oil for dry, damaged, or curly hair or MCT oil for oily hair.

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