Face Mask- Heroes you need to protect you from airborne diseases!

Face Mask- Heroes you need to protect you from airborne diseases!

The conditions of pandemics in the form of coronavirus have put the world in a state of panic and chaos. Since the scientists and health practitioners have failed to find a cure for the virus, the only way present is to prevent contamination that could be done by following the standards set by the state government in order to prevent the spread of the disease. These steps are in the form of social distancing, use of sanitizers, use of preventive face masks and gloves. These are some basic measures of prevention that are use by people all around the world in order to stay safe and to keep others safe, thus, helping us reduce the spread of disease. 

when it comes to the option of using preventive face masks it is the most essential method that is needed to be done in order to prevent the disease from spreading from one person to another. However, people are still confused about the question of whether these masks are really helpful or not. Many are confused about the selection of masks as they are not sure about which mask, they should be using which is best suited in order to prevent the transmission of coronavirus as a variety of face masks are being exported by Face mask exporters.

Does a Face Mask Really Work Against COVID-19?

Talking about coronavirus. We see that it is a virus that can be asymptomatic in the early stages or its symptoms can be confused with common flu and cold as well. At a public place, a person standing next to you might be infected and you might not even know as apparently, they might seem healthy. This could even lead to the transmission of disease from that person to you. As there are various variants of coronavirus and some of them can actually spread through the droplets that are in the air. These droplets can enter the body of a healthy person through inhalation, getting them infected. They can also land over surfaces getting them contaminated as well. Thus, a face mask can be effective in reducing the risk of transmission through inhalation. 

What are the best masks to prevent COVID-19?

Face masks can be generalize into three different categories. Each of them is specially designe to protect according to their function. doug wright holland & knight

  • Respirators 

Such types of masks are consider to be highly effective against airborne viruses as they filter them out. They have a clip attach to them. That allows the adjustment according to the size and can be tightened around the face very securely. Some of the examples are full-face respirators FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 with the protection increasing respectively. Some half-face respirators are N-type masks.

  • Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are of two types, known as type 2 and type 3R. They are disposable masks that are rectangular in shape and are made up of a synthetic fabric that is breathable. Importantly they can be used for escaping large droplets. They are often used by frontline health workers.

  • Cloth Masks

These masks are proven to be effective against infections as they are effective in lowering the number of droplets in the air.

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