ElationEMR vs Intergy EHR – The 2022 Review

There are many different practice management tools that can be helpful when it comes to streamlining administrative tasks in clinics. Medical practice tools can be helpful for practitioners who want to re-center their attention on patient care. Elation and Intergy are two options with a broad range of tools. This article will thoroughly review ElationEMR vs Intergy EHR based on their respective features and prices.  

Elation Health is a cloud-based EHR system made for small and medium-sized clinical institutions, primary care units, and independent practice centers that provide long-term care and primary health providers. The program is meant to help them handle day-to-day documentation work, improve interactions between patients and doctors, and improve the quality of their care. 

Intergy gives ambulatory practices an EHR and practice management solution that is easy to use and can be changed to fit their needs. With Intergy’s tools, users can take care of chronic conditions, get incentives from payers, and do well in the value-based care world. The ONC-certified solution simplifies notation, automates tasks, and streamlines workflows by combining functions. 


Key Features 

Electronic Health Records 

The HIPAA-compliant, ONC-accredited EHR from Elation gives doctors and their practices a clinical-first experience, which helps them give their patients the best care possible. You can automate important tasks to speed up patient check-in and make the most of each interaction. It has a robust system for setting up appointments online. Streamline charting and administrative tasks to improve clinical reasoning and automate coding so that you get credit for the care you give. 


The HIPAA-compliant video platform inside Elation Telehealth’s EHR, which Zoom powers, lets your practice offer virtual treatment without setting up and maintaining a separate system. Streamlining the scheduling and intake process will save you time when setting up appointments. Elation ensures patients have everything they need for their individual or group visit. Provide a seamless patient experience at scale with high-quality video and audio and the option for doctors to host the appointment on their smartphone while recording. 

Patient Engagement 

Streamline charting and administrative tasks to improve clinical reasoning and automate coding so that you get credit for the care you give. It gives you tools for root-cause analysis to make charting and administrative tasks more manageable, improve clinical reasoning, and automate coding, so you get credit for your care. Detailed analytics give you a clear picture of your practice’s income, performance, and areas where you can make improvements. 

Elation EMR Pricing  

The Elation EHR prices aren’t listed on the website, but you can get a quote for your practice by contacting the customer service team. 

Elation EMR Demo  

You can use the Elation EHR demo to see how it can work with your system. The Elation demo can be set up through the website. 

Elation EMR Reviews  

Reviews of Elation EHR say that it is an easy-to-use program that can be used across different specialties. Another thing that users like about it is that it is easy to use.

Intergy EHR 

Key Features  

Electronic Health Records 

Whether you do primary care, pediatrics, OB-GYN, or something else, our electronic health records solution has features that fit the needs of your practice. Documentation that is easy to use and doesn’t slow you down will help you work more efficiently. Intergy EHR makes it easier for providers and staff to work together. Adapt Intergy’s features to how your practice works to improve workflows and simplify administrative and clinical tasks. 

Increase Patient Engagement  

Greenway Intergy’s innovative patient engagement solutions, like patient portals and patient messaging, give patients better access to their health information. This could make them more likely to talk to their doctors more often, which is good for their health. Using ‘mHealth,’ a mobile health app for patients, you can bring the functions of a patient portal to smartphones and tablets. You can build trust by giving out discharge summaries, lab results, prescription refills, appointment scheduling, and more.  

Intergy Telehealth  

Telehealth has become a popular way for doctors and nurses to give care from anywhere. By giving providers and patients a safe way to connect, Greenway’s Intergy Telehealth helps practices keep their businesses running, make more money, reach new patient groups, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. You can schedule and start a telehealth visit right in Intergy and Prime Suite. You can also track patient flow and match appointments. A central place for admin users to streamline workflows so that clinical staff doesn’t have to do as much paperwork. 

Intergy EHR Pricing  

The sales teams customize Intergy from Greenway EHR prices based on your medical practice’s specifics. A big part of how much Intergy will cost you is how big your practice is. 

Intergy EHR Demo 

The Intergy demo is on the website, and you can use it to learn more about the software’s features and functions so that you can use it in the best way possible. 

Intergy EHR Reviews 

The Intergy reviews give helpful information about how it looks and what it can do. Many people like it because they can change it to fit their needs and because it’s easy to connect to different types of healthcare.  

Final Remarks  

Medical billing is made better by Intergy. The solution also makes it easier to manage your clinical tasks, from scheduling patients to getting payments. It can be accessed both on-site and online. 

Elation EHR saves you time and effort on tasks that take a lot of time and are hard to do. It makes administrative, clinical, and billing tasks easier, so you can keep providing good care to your patients. You can see how this EMR system can help your healthcare business during the free trial period. 

It can be concluded that Intergy and Elation are robust systems for practice management and offer a wide range of tools to clinicians. You can request their pricing information and schedule demos for more information so you can pick one.  

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