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Create The Luxurous Hotel Feel with Organic Cotton Sheets

Imagine relaxing in a state Luxurous Hotel Feel of relaxation and elegance, class and relaxation in your home. A space where you get up each day feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the
world. But here's a hint to help you achieve this. Continue reading to learn simple
steps to create your ideal bed and bedroom that is as luxurious as a boutique hotel.

Relax in Sateen

Before we begin to tackle the design of the bedroom, it's essential that we first
experience the luxury of 5-star hotels from the outside in. It is the reason that
Organic Factor has created Sateen Sheets to dance on your skin and wrap you in a
sense of relaxation. The Organic Cotton Bedding defines luxury with a thread count
of 400 that creates for a luxuriously soft feel and. The pure fabric of Organic Cotton
Sheets will help regulate your body's temperature, while also wicking away water to
ensure you are comfortable all night long.

Set your new sheets up with our Luxurous Hotel Sateen Duvet Cover to make your bed a
five-star one. The sophisticated triple embroidered stitching can transform your bed
into luxurious retreat. The Organic Cotton Bedding will be a perfect fit for every
guest since the pure cotton will pamper any type of skin and includes those who
have sensitive skin. Its Arctic White Duvet Set captures the elegance and tranquility
that surrounds the hotel room, helping you relax and unwind at night.

Decorate Your Bed with Posh Sateen

Organic Factor has developed the Best Organic Cotton Sheets featuring Ultra- Percale fabric from the extravagant Hotel Collection for a room which radiates class. The crisp and cool sheet set will add a touch of class to your space, while the fabric's breathable properties keep you cool through the entire season. Anyone who visits will be awed by the softness of the most exquisite hand-picked Organic Cotton on the market. While you take in the calming air of this serene and refreshing set, it is easy to be able to forget that you're not at a 5-star hotel. This Sateen weaving is exquisitely decorated to create a luxurious atmosphere for you and guests to enjoy. You can also shop matching pillow covers for all the extrapillows

All About the Ambiance

After your bed is covered in the most Luxurous Hotel quality Organic Cotton Sheets, we should blend all the elements of your bedroom in order to give the luxurious hotel vibe. Create the ambience of a five-star hotel by installing soft LED lighting along the walls, floors and shelving. They will softly diffuse light across the room. This sets the mood for a luxurious night at home.

It is important to limit the clutter in a luxury space. Simple is an essential characteristic of the luxury hotel rooms because it creates a calm atmosphere upon entering. Make sure that the surfaces are free of clutter and make your bedroom is as big as you can. This can keep your bedroom looking elegant and make you feel more balanced in your surroundings, organized, and calm.

Shop the The Organic Factor Luxe Hotel Collection

We are The Organic Factor; all our products are made with only GOTS-certified
Organic Cotton having Extra Long Staple Cotton (ELS Cotton) Fibers. The dream
bedroom is just a few clicks away, as we've created the Luxury Hotel Collection to
take you to a luxurious vacation every day.

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