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Benefits of Ownership of A-Grade Properties in India

All real estate investments come with their fair share of speculation. But there are few properties that leave no stone unturned in enticing buyers, making their own markets in the process.

You might have the best of houses, land or flats in your portfolio that comes with age-old wisdom. But when you are looking for something that is unique and offers superior returns, then fractional ownership is the new mantra.

A-grade properties are synonymous with their quality features which make them a fractional investment worth talking about. They are rare to find, mainly in the city centres and give higher returns than their peers.

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Benefits of Buying Fractional Ownership of A-Grade Properties

An investment portfolio is incomplete without real estate assets. It gives regular income, almost like fixed deposits but with an element of risk which makes it all the more profitable. But when it comes to ownership of A-Grade properties in India, profitability is not the only selling point. Here are a few other reasons that make it an alluring investment choice:

Prime Locations

A pre-requisite for any successful real estate venture is an unmatchable location, and A-Grade properties in India come with this USP by default. Hence, profits are maximized if you invest in the city centers that are always in demand.

Premium Design

A-grade properties come with premium design features that raise their price and marketability. With superior finishing and fine designs, they command a premium price, which can be further enhanced with the right mix of luxury amenities.

Alternate Source of Income

Returns from fractional ownership in A-Grade properties are higher as compared to other real estate assets because of their high demand and pricing structure. In cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore or Pune, you can also fetch rental income if you choose the right property.

Tax Incentives

All those who have been investing in real estate assets know that these are often considered as long-term investments by the Income Tax Act and offer tax incentives on profits.  In addition, you can also write off the interest paid on home loans as a deduction to your taxable income.

Security of Investment

Prime properties are always considered safe investments because of their limited supply and high demand. In addition, they have a predictable market value, which keeps fluctuation to the minimum. Thus, your investment will always be safe, even in dire market conditions.

Higher Asset Liquidity

The most significant advantage of fractional ownership is that you can cash on your investment any time by selling off your share in the property. Since A-Grade properties are always in high demand, they fetch returns faster than ever, which adds to the liquidity factor.

Professional Management

Since these are large properties with hundreds of owners, the management and upkeep are handled by reputed developers. This ensures coordinated development and optimum utilization of resources.

Make the Most of Fractional Investment in A-grade Properties

If you are planning for ownership of A-Grade properties in India, fractional investments make the most sense. This is because A-grade properties come with hefty price tags.

Myre Capital is a leading pioneer in this industry today. They offer a tech-enabled platform with personalized dashboards that make it super easy to invest in A-grade properties in India.

Here are a few significant benefits of investing in A-Grade properties with Myre Capital.

  • Monthly rental income of 8-10% and capital appreciation of 17-25% IRR.
  • Personalized dashboards for seamless property management.
  • Stable returns that are decoupled with the stock markets.
  • And much more!
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