Avoiding Stress while Managing your Company’s Applicants

For many, recruiting stress is an unavoidable part of life. According to a recent survey, HR has the dubious distinction of being the profession with the highest level of stress. It is commonly known that stress has a detrimental impact on health and wellbeing, career fulfillment, productivity, job performance, and other factors.

According to recently revised estimates, stress costs American businesses $300 billion yearly in lost productivity and medical expenses. In addition to these disorders, stress has been related to high blood pressure, heart disease, and even melancholy and anxiety. Common suggestions like getting regular exercise, eating well, and practicing mindfulness might help lessen the effects of daily stress. What are pressure points unique to the talent acquisition sector, though? Here are some pointers for managing your company’s applicants without stress.

Navigate The Shortage

Finding the finest applicants has been difficult for recruiters due to the labor shortage. The lack of skilled individuals continues to be a significant concern even as the market changes and more talented people join the workforce in search of new opportunities. Start sourcing more wisely to reduce the stress brought on by the skills scarcity. Allow non-traditional or even distant talent to apply for a difficult-to-fill position. Another clever strategy for hiring folks you already know perform at a high level is to target passive prospects.

You can promote employee recommendations as well. The top prospects are frequently already in the social networks of your present employees. The most crucial thing is to remember internal mobility. Look into your company’s current employee roster to identify any talent that may be ready for development if you’re having trouble finding candidates with the level of ability you require for your open roles.

These highly qualified “candidates” can focus on learning new skills because they already match your corporate culture and are familiar with your procedures. Promoting from within eases burden on employees throughout the transition while also reducing stress from recruiting and onboarding new personnel.


There will never be a shortage of work opportunities for top candidates. Start in the interview if you want to stand out from the crowd. Remember that according to a recent survey, 65% of applicants said a bad interview experience would cause them to lose interest in the position. By critically evaluating your interview process from the perspective of actual candidates, you can lessen the pressure associated with accepting an offer. To get frank comments on your interview procedure, send a post-interview survey. To obtain unfiltered, high-quality data from candidates, make sure to make it anonymous. You can lessen stress for everyone involved in the hiring process and enhance the possibility that prospects will accept job offers from your organization by making sure the candidates you bring into the process have a more favorable experience.

Manage Your Time

Time is not on the side of talent acquisition. In fact, a recent poll revealed that 50% of recruiters feel time-pressed. And when you’re pressed for time, you’re probably under a lot of stress. Making time for excellent prospects, though, may be the difference between hiring the best people and passing up on them. Fortunately, there are resources available to ease the pressure and lead your hiring team through the procedure swiftly and effectively. For instance, using an applicant tracking system or one-way video interviews speed up the selection process. You may properly exclude applicants who aren’t a fit by using structured interview questions, allowing you to focus more time on cultivating relationships with excellent personnel.

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