Aromasin for bodybuilding – Benefits, uses, and everything else

Exemestane, aka Aromasin, is  everything elsea prescription drug commonly used during Post Cycle Therapy. Aromasin, like many other Anti-estrogen AI, was initially developed to combat the risks of
breast cancer in women. However, high estrogen levels also risk bodybuilders just coming off
steroid cycles. Aromasin-based PCT plays a vital role in keeping steroid bodybuilding safe and

What is Aromasin?

Exemestane belongs to the class of drugs known as aromatase inhibitors(AI). AIs restrict the
production of the hormone by latching on to the aromatase enzyme. Aromasin is an anti-estrogen
AI which dictates its ability to block out and inhibit Estrogen from the system. Estrogen is found
in abundance in females and is the crucial hormone for the development of breast tissue.
In this article, we have discussed everything about this product, including Aromasin side effects
as well.

Role of Aromasin in PCT

The primary function of Aromasin is its ability to cleanse the system of excess Estrogen. A
sufficient amount of Estrogen is necessary for sexual development and reproductive stability in
both men and women. However, Estrogen is a nightmare for bodybuilders.

Steroids are synthetic compounds; hence, they often hamper the normal hormone levels in the
body. It is crucial to have Post Cycle Therapy following every cycle for the body to rejuvenate
and normalize. Steroids significantly increase the body’s estrogen levels which are taken care of
by substances such as Aromasin.

Effects of Aromasin

Aromasin is a potent drug used to maintain an aesthetic physique and minimize health risks
posed by steroids.

Inhibits Estrogen

After every steroid cycle, you most likely have above average estrogen level in your system.
Anti-Estrogen AI such as Aromasin can significantly reduce Estrogen by 85 percent. Prescribed
usage of Aromasin can normalize estrogen levels and eliminate the visual and health risks it

Prevents Bloating

Water weight is a significant side effect of steroids and increased Estrogen. Estrogen is a
hormone that causes the body to retain water in the system, which makes the body look puffy
and bloated. Cutting is an imperative element of bodybuilding; what makes it all so important is
to prevent bloating, which renders your hard work useless. As Aromasin inhibits Estrogen, it
eliminates any possibility of water retention allowing for a dry and accentuated bulk.

Omits the risk of Gynecomastia

Estrogen is responsible for developing female breast tissue, which is not what you want as a
bodybuilder. Puffing of the chest and swelling of nipples is a condition faced by male
bodybuilders known as Gynecomastia. However not life-threatening, it certainly ruins the
aesthetic of chest muscles and makes the physique embarrassingly feminine and uneven. Thanks
to the anti-estrogenic nature of Aromasin, the body’s testosterone does not aromatize into
Estrogen, preventing conditions such as Gynecomastia.

Stabilizes testosterone levels

During a steroid cycle, your muscles are bombarded with copious testosterone. However, the
increased testosterone is synthetic. Your body reacts to artificial testosterone as it does to the
natural hormone. Therefore, it starts to build a tolerance and shut down the natural production of
the testes. Throughout PCT, Aromasin helps to rejuvenate the natural testosterone production in
the body, preventing deficiency that can be detrimental to your health.

Reduces the risk of Hypertension

Excess water weight can often cause a considerable increase in blood pressure. Blood pressure or
Hypertension is a condition that births a plethora of other diseases, often fatal. By shutting out
water retention in the body, Aromasin helps the body keep its aesthetic and safeguards you from
such problems.

Added benefits

Its low androgenic property gives Arom asin an edge over other Anti-estrogen AI. Consequently,
increasing its anabolic property. Arom asin also invokes the secretion of insulin-like substances
in the system, leading to efficient testosterone synthesis recovery and relieving the muscles.


Aromasin is a popular anti-estrogen aromatase inhibitor used during the PCT. It plays a vital role
in normalizing estrogen levels in the body. A common side effect of steroids is an increase in
Estrogen, which leads to Gynecomastia, water retention, and bloating and poses risks such as
Hypertension. Moreover, Aromasin stabilizes the production of testosterone and aid in muscle
recovery. With careful use and buying it from a reputable place for steroids online, such as
SteroidsFax, you can restrict these side effects of Aromasin.

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