Ram Chary Everi – Graphic Design and The Significance of Colors

Graphic design is the art of making visually-appealing content that satisfies the end-user’s need to convey engaging marketing messages to their customers. Experts specializing in graphic design use different colors when creating their corporate clients’ advertisement posters, logos, or business cards.

The specialists’ goal is to evoke emotions in these companies’ customers that compel them to buy the corporations’ products. However, the colors they incorporate in the interface of their designs should visually complement the various other elements. These include shape, line, space, topography, form, value, and texture. The designers can only accomplish such a feat by thoroughly understanding the color theory. 

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Ram Chary Everi – How significant is the color theory in graphic design?

Ram Chary Everi is a famous graphic designer passionate about Boston’s photography. He is a fine arts graduate and an alumnus of the renowned Boston University. And he pursues his passion for fine art by designing a wide range of printed materials for companies and covers different corporate events.

 He even supports Oceana, a non-profit organization encouraging citizens to become good stewards of the state via educational webinars. He always travels to the northeast to get on a boat to fish for tuna in his spare time. Having spent his childhood in Boston, he considers being in the water to look for good tuna even if fishing is competitive.

According to him, color theory is the guidelines graphic designers follow to create a harmonious and aesthetically-pleasing color combination for their visual content. It plays a significant role in designing business logos, cards, advertisement billboards, posters, and other visual content. The designers can subtlety influence the viewers’ feelings on seeing a specific color combination on the image of their designs. 

For instance, colors such as:

  • Blue evokes emotions such as wisdom, security, trust, and confidence,
  • Yellow conjures feelings of hope, optimism, freshness, arrogance, and child-like innocence,
  • Green recalls the sense of calmness, an abundance of wealth, protection, generosity, and healing,
  • Red induces emotions of passion, vitality, joy, leadership, power, and activeness,
  • Black reveals feelings of sophistication, elegance, mystery, and energy.

Selecting the right color combination for their graphic designs is never easy for graphic designers. They need to ensure that the colors they choose are attractive and accessible to their clients’ targeted audience. 

They must consider the following essential factors using color theory to select the right color combination for their corporate clients’ visual content:

  • The type of business that companies conduct in the market,
  • Tastes and preferences of the customers that the companies cater to,
  • Nature of the project that the designers are undertaking, such as designing a brochure or logo,
  • The influence that the color combination will have on the companies’ targeted audience,
  • The competitors that companies are up against in the market, and
  • How the color combination will contribute to the companies’ success.

According to Ram Chary Everi, colors on the companies’ business logos, cards, and advertisement billboards can influence their customers’ emotions. The graphic designers these corporations hire need to select the right color combination in their visual content of the projects. Only then can they induce these purchasers to buy the companies’ products. 

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