Guide to Buy the Ethnic Stole for Women

If you think stoles are only meant for the winters, then you are totally wrong. It is one of the most popular clothing accessories preferred by women. A single piece designer stole/scarf can easily elevate from casual to dressy. More so, because of their versatility, there are numerous stoles available in multiple colours, fabrics, and designs. It is, therefore, necessary to come out differently from everyone. Choosing an Ethnic style bandhani stole would be the smartest choice. 

How to Choose a Right Ethnic Stole for Men and Women? 

A stole is usually added to your dress as an accessory, and a wrong choice could ruin your outfit look. Therefore, choosing a stole that gives you the desired look for your outfit is essential. A classic ethnic stole would give a more subtle colour and traditional look than a Western one. 

From the diversity of fabrics to multiple shapes, you can also choose your stoles based on the season and current market trend. 

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Things to Considered at the Time of Buying a Ethnic Stole for yourself. 

  • The length of the woman stole should be ideal for draping around your neck. Neither it should be too long nor too short, a stole of cotton and silk would be a perfect choice. 
  • Avoid going for multiple colours. Instead of that, try to choose a colour that could match most of the design. 
  • Always pick a square, and rectangular shape stole for yourself.
  • Always select a stole fabric with the texture on it. Avoid getting a printed one. 
  • Choose the material which is comfortable for your skin. 

Stole Wearing Ideas which goes best with Ethnic Stole

“A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.” as said by Oscar de la Renta. Fashion is not about wearing expensive clothes. It is more the matching your outfit with the accessories correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to cleverly choose the design and drape style of the women stole, which suits your outfit and body shape. 

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Below are the few of the most trendy Ethnic Stole draping styles of women, which everyone loves. 

  • Single Loop Style

This is the famous and most common style of draping a Ethnic cotton stole nowadays. In this, the stole is draped around your neck with a single loop. The popular style is most preferred when wearing denim with the shirt. 

  • Eight loop style

It is a simple style that makes you look stunning. Elegantly fold the scarf and wrap it around the neck, then bring forward the top end of the scarf to the front with the circle. For the bottom end, get the stole through the second circle. If you love to wear short dresses, you should try the eight loop style. 

  • Western loop style 

It is one of the easiest and most common styles of draping the stole or scarf. Both men and women prefer this style. In this style, you have to put the stole around the neck and make a single loop. One side of the loop will be in front, and another side will be towards the back of your body. This style goes best with traditional wear and a blend of bandhani stole would definitely uplift your look.

  • Belted Drape Loop Style- 

This is the most fashionable style of wearing a stole. You can find some famous models wearing this style in popular fashion shows. Simply place the stole over your neck., both ends must be falling in front of your body. Overlap both ends with the belt around your waist. 

  • Braided Version 

You need to have a long rectangle loop in the braided version of the styling loop. Drape the stole fabric around your neck, take one end of the cloth and knot it with the other side of it. Take one side of the stole and toss and pull it over. 

Top 4 Ethnic Stole to Buy Online in India.

You can easily buy a variety of designer stole from your nearest shopping mall. Fashionable women nowadays go for the authentic embroidered ethnic stole. These traditional stoles add texture to your fancy and formal outfit.

There are a variety of Indian ethnic stole available which directly shows our inheritance and culture of different communities. The one which is trendy among everyone is the Kutchi Style Stole. The stole is completely handmade and hails from parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Bandhani Stole- These are among the most selling handmade stoles of the Kutch community. The Khatri community of Kutch uses the handmade dye technique creating. The high texture dual tones colour stole with white dots along with the rich fabric adds edge to your outfit. The richness of the tabby silk allows smooth texture on the cloth, which helps make smudge-free crafts on it. The bandhej stoles are light in weight and made with a lot of precision and hard work. 

Ajrakh Style Stole- This is another popular printing style of Kutch. Once the entire community practised this popular technique, the original work is now under the entire 10 generation family. It is a block printing technique done with the help of natural dyes.

Ajrak Stoles are available in various fabrics such as Cotton, Silk, Gaji silk and modal silk.

Batik Stole-  It is popular wax resistant dyeing technique of Kutch. Under this technique, portions of cloth are waxed and dyed. Later the fabric is boiled to remove the waxed section, which retains the original colour. Thus, this form variety of beautiful designs on the cloth. 

You can buy Batik Stole in Cotton and cotton muslin cloth. These are comfortable for wearing during summer. 

Bujodi Stoles- It is another popular handcrafted art of Kutch. A handwoven technique is used for the creation of fabric. The whole process of bujodi work is done by the vankars who is the weaving community of the Kutch. Bujodi style stoles are best for wearing in the winter. 

You can find Bujodi shawls in a variety of fabrics. The most used material on the Bujodi stoles is Cotton, Tussar Silk and ERI silk. 

Among all, I recently bought a Bhandani stole Online for my mother among all given stoles. By doing much research and going through the review, I came to know Kutchibazaar. 

You can visit Kutchi bazaar to check the entire collection of all handcrafted stole. Kutchi bazaar is an e-commerce portal, specialising in selling handmade ethnic dresses of Kutch. These are famous for selling variety of handmade Bandhej and bandhani stole for women in India. These craftsmen are famous for Bandhani, Ajrakh, Shibori, Bujodi and Batik work of Kutch. If you love dresses and want to stock up your wardrobe with these exquisite and traditional bandhani Stoles sitting online. You can visit 

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