Common misconceptions about CBD cannabis strains

Recently, cannabidiol (CBD) found in hemp has gained significant popularity due to its therapeutic properties. Rastas are actively growing CBD strains and buying weed online (known as medical cannabis strains), hoping to get more benefit from the cannabinoid than from the potent strains with high THC concentrations. Along with this, many myths have appeared about the miraculous properties of matter that need to be exposed.

CBD is not psychoactive, and is THC only found in recreational cannabis?

If you read information about CBD in open sources, you will find that the information that the substance is not psychoactive is covered everywhere. That is, it does not have any effect on the consciousness of a person and his well-being. This fact is called into question by studies that indicate that CBD calms / invigorates the central nervous system, improves mood, etc. Therefore, the substance has an effect on the psyche. Yes, it works beneficially, but the fact remains: CBD changes the perception of the world in a person, but at the same time, there are no side effects, even if you go too far with the dosage.


Longtime smokers have long realized that CBD is not only medicinal, and THC is not always for entertainment and pleasure. Tetrahydrocannabinol also has therapeutic properties, so varieties with a high content of it also have a beneficial effect on the human body and improve the quality of life. It is difficult to distinguish a clear line where medical use begins, and recreational use ends. For example, if a company shares a medical grade vape or buys edibles online, it is unlikely that friends will start laughing and fantasizing. However, the atmosphere will become more relaxed, and that’s a fact.

Does CBD have a sedative effect?

Typically, herbalists attribute the calming effects of cannabis to the concentration of CBD in the strain. This statement is a delusion because the substance does not calm but rather excites. There is a very real study in which scientists have proven that strains with a high concentration of CBD reduce drowsiness in rastas after THC, and resist the “hangover” syndrome, reduce the likelihood of a bad trip. Why has there been such a misconception? It’s simple: some medical grades contain not only CBD but also a high concentration of myrcene. It is a terpene with a powerful sedative effect. And CBD itself can even interfere with sleep, and this is a confirmed fact.

Is a small dose of CBD enough for a therapeutic effect?

To get the maximum therapeutic effect, herbalists should opt for varieties with a high concentration of CBD and low THC. A person’s tolerance is of great importance, and sometimes the dose of CBD may simply not be enough to achieve a positive result from the treatment. Pharmaceutical preparations based on CBD contain too high a dosage of a substance that cannot be obtained by smoking. Naturally, such drugs are designed not just to relieve symptoms but are used to treat severe forms of schizophrenia.

Is CBD completely legal?

CBD oils and tinctures are freely available from online health food retailers, and there is immediate speculation that the substance is completely legal. But this is not entirely true: in those countries where hemp treatment is not legally allowed, it is illegal to cultivate CBD varieties. Of course, you will not be held legally responsible for buying hemp oil with CBD, but you will have to be careful when growing it.

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