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All You Need to Know About Weed tapestry


Announcing for all grass lovers the Oakland Museum of Weed tapestry California will open “Altered State: Marijuana in California ” on April 16, though we have to say, we’re a little taken back they didn’t hold it four days after when the non-official stoner celebration begins. 

Some of the diverse weed tapestries are :

Fred Tomaselli, Super Plant

 The black setting and minimalist style points out the plant’s soft, natural beauty without compromising Tomaselli’s signature sense of psychedelia. Super Plant currently is in the Hort Family Collection in New York.

 Dan Colen, Life Marijuana

Identified party boy of the early aughts Dan Colen is sober now, but in 2006 he made a homage to marijuana in the version of this mixed-media creation. 

Chris Burden, Coals to Newcastle

Burden hired marijuana in many of his performance sets, but Coals to Newcastle, which he acted on December 17, 1978, is one of his boldest. 

Melanie Bernier’s spliff packs

Melanie Bernier, a well-known musician and artist, makes pretty spliff holders from vinyl, fabric, and thread and also makes wood faux joints to suit them, also excellent tchotchkes for people who wish not to inhale.

Ricardo Cortés, It’s Just a Plant

Artist, illustrator, and author Ricardo Cortés’s unconventional children’s book Marijuana: It’s Just a Plant may is not every parent’s choice for bedtime reading, but it makes a point that pot is something that millions of people use daily and that children will become aware of gradually, mostly from a less reliable source.

Tom Sachs, Bong Hit Station

Tom Sachs’s tongue-in-cheek and silly 2013 video Bong Hit Station gives potential newbies a detailed, and unnecessarily complex, guide to getting high. We challenge your normal stoner to try to duplicate the steps here.

Robert Arneson, California Artist

Depending on the unfair characterizations he felt he was subject to as an artist working in California, Robert Arneson made the stone sculpture California Artist, in this robert control on the california artist which he shows himself as a king of backwoods hippie entirely with an open denim jacket, a salt-and-pepper beard, and, also a pot plant.

Bentley Meeker, Bongolier Weed tapestry

Light setting up artist Bentley Meeker meshes high and low culture with his “Bongoliers”, chandeliers made of remade glass bongs. The sculptures juxtapose various sources of light, with some showcasing a full spectrum, and some on the more shady side. It sounds like something you have to see to believe. 

 If you are invested in cannabis or music, it’s more similar than not that you’ve unintentionally seen Greg Welch’s art somewhere.

 Ranging art galleries, to stores, to album covers, Cannnabiscapes have progressed to a must-have for cannabis aficionados.

From Welch, much of his accomplishments can be contributed to collaboration and bartering. No ego was included in the process, just a desire to get his art brought out into the world. People at shows would have new items for the cannabis industry and would offer to trade. Weed art puts it up on Instagram accounts, and gets some engagement. 

That’s all folks! Make sure to try all our suggestions. Until next time.

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